Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Big Reveal!

The tag is done!

OK, so, here's where we did our tag:

You'll find out next year.

No? You want to know now? OK, I guess I can tell you.....

It was at......(drum roll please) The Peterborough Public Library!

We've got felted rocks, a fence decoration, and more!  So many that we didn't even end up with pictures of them all!

We did the tag there because the day after the tag, it was the Fifth Annual Fibre Festival in Peterborough, and we wanted to "Fibre" it up!

We also wanted to welcome spring by bringing back some colour to the world!  We did this tag on Friday, March 20th, 2015... the first day of spring!

What we are going to do next?  I don't know,  but we always have some tricks up our sleeve!

You'll have to check back later for more pictures (yes... we still have more to share)!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Watch Out Peterborough - Guest Post By KnitMama

We are so close to the next tag that I just wanted to share a few last teasers.

We have two new Kninja's joining us for this tag.  They spent some time yesterday making these fabulous beauties to place somewhere special (Did you think I was going to tell you??  You'll just have to keep waiting for the reveal!).

These were all made by Stitchy Mama, Superknitter and two new Kninjas who we're waiting to learn their Kninja names

Aren't those just beautiful?

Also, KninjaNeedles8 and I have knit up a few wee pieces to place in the same location.  We're wanting to brighten it up and welcome spring!

After seeing nothing but white all winter... we're ready for some colour!

Felted Rocks!!!

Yes, Felted Rocks! That is what we are doing for our next tag.

These felted rocks were made by KninjaNeedles8, Knitting Mermaid and Knitting Wonder Woman

They are not hard to make. Actually, I bet you could do it too! Click here to see where we got our instructions.

Hope you like making them! I sure did! That's all for now, but stay tuned.....

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A New Tag!!!

Yes, it's true! We are making a new tag! But this tag is a little different. We are doing a tag that is not knit. It's felted. But we can't tell you more. It's extremely confidential. But we can tell you one more thing:

It's extremely quick, so we can tell you more soon!

It's really cool! I think you will lovvvve this tag. (OK, maybe I'm overreacting a bit...).

Monday, 2 February 2015

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, you may be wondering, whose birthday is it?

If you thought a Knitting Kninja, you were close!  Knitting Wonder Woman just had her birthday a few weeks ago!  But it was not her!

No, it was.... drum roll please!!!  Our very first tag!!!!

Yes, it's hard to believe that it has been a year, but, it has!  Happy first birthday!!!!!!!

Our tag on its first birthday (February 2nd)! Happy birthday!!!

Its so hard to believe its been a year!
Happy birthday!  Or, since I am taking a French class, Bonne Annniversaire tag!

Stay tuned!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Tales From The Knotty Knitter - Guest Post By The Knotty Knitter

On the morning of the yarn bomb, I walked into the office and said hello to The Detangler.

I asked her what she was up to (other than work), and she said, 
"Oh, just putting out the media release for today's yarn bomb"
"Huh, yarn what????" I replied
"The Knitting Kninjas are doing a charity yarn bomb!" 
"Okay.... Not sure what that is but I want to do it..?" 
"This one's a charity yarn bomb, we leave knitted items that can be picked up and they're tagged with your ninja name, you could meet us at Salvation Army downtown."

I felt disappointed I didn't know about the event beforehand but as a newbie knitter most of my knitting is full of knots.

I went back to my class, disappointed I wouldn't be able to contribute something to the charity yarn bomb.

I sat down with my coffee, my glasses misting with the steam and as the bottom of the my glasses cleared, a pair of 6 mm sized knitting needles laying in a cross appeared in my view. Like x marks the spot, some chunky blue yarn lay beyond it.

"Should I start something?" I think to myself. My hands itches to pick up the needles, but I looked at the clock thinking about how could I, a newbie knitter, finish a scarf by 4:30?

Before I could even answer this question to myself, my hands are reaching towards the knitting needles and I've cast on 15 stitches and have done 3 rows before class has started.

Class has started?? I use my break and lunch to knit. Pretty soon I have 1/2 a scarf hanging off my knitting needles and lunch isn't even done. I turn the speed on and by the end of lunch I'm almost at the end if my yarn. At this point, I think, I can do this! My intensity has spread to 5 other students and we are all madly twisting yarn into shapes that can be worn.

Lunch comes to a close and I'm down to my last strand of yarn and I breathe a sigh of relief. My membership into the Knitting Kninjas is assured by KninjaNeedles8 with the completion of my item and I get a name and my tag is printed and laminated by KnitMama.

Now I'm like my students and I'm watching the clock, counting down the minutes until I can leave school and get my item tagged and left for someone. 

Finally, the moment of knotty knitting truth arrives. I tag. I left. I conquered. 

The morale of the story is, don't get knotted up by your own thinking, with two needles you can knit anything into something great.

The Knotty Knitter 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Hope You Enjoyed World Kindness Day

Has anyone spotted these lovely knit items?  These were all placed in front of the Salvation Army on Simcoe Street in Peterborough, ON last night (November 13th, 2014), by some of our Kninjas.

A hat made by The Detangler
A hat made by KnitMama and a scarf made by The Knotty Knitter

A scarf made by The Knotty Knitter

Mittens made by Knitting Diva

Alright, let's start at the beginning.  So, you know how we've been talking about the secret part of our plan?  That secret was to knit charity items to use for yarn bombs (we got the idea from this yarn bomb which took place just last year in Ottawa, ON).

Cowl/Ear-Muff made by Knitting Wonder Woman,
Knitting Mermaid & KnitMama

We chose to yarn bomb these items in a high traffic area yesterday, just in time for some snowy weather to hit (that was just a coincidence!).  But we did choose the day because it was World Kindness Day... what a better way to spread some kindness!

We've got a selection of hats, mitts, cowls and scarves.  We hope that those in need can find their way to them to use.

A hat made by E.C.K.nista

Fingerless mitts made by KnitMama
Mittens made by Knitting Diva

And who knows, maybe we'll be leaving more... somewhere... sometime!  You'll have to stay tuned.  If you've been following the story in the past week, you'll know that you've seen pictures of some items that weren't left at the Salvation Army!

And the cowl made by me, KninjaNeedles8